What You Will Learn

How To Use The Wind

The wind is an essential element of windsurfing. Upwind, downwind, windward, leeward, heading up. Besides learning what those things mean, you will learn how to use them during your rides.


We will teach you how to confidently balance the board at any type of wind, waves, or tempo. You will learn how to change the sides of the board.

Different Styles

You will have an opportunity to try everything. Wave riding, making tricks, slalom, speed racing. Find what suits you best

Adjusting Gear

Depending on the wind, boards, sails, masts, and booms need to be adjusted properly. Right equipment arrangement is a key to great riding.

Why Us

Different Locations

We have camps all over the world. Contact us to find out where the nearest one to you is located.

A Broad Range Of Equipment

We have new gear, that will suit every level, weather conditions, and riding style. We have Wave, Freeride, Freestyle, Slalom and Beginner sails. We also have Learning, Freeride, Wave, Freestyle, Slalom and Tandem boards. We provide a life vest for free.

Individual Approach

We have an attentive team of coaches. They will help you to raise your level, and find out the style that suits you the best. Learn in a safe and friendly environment.

Valuable Tips

Be Careful
Keep in mind that this is an Extreme sport. Ride according to your level, and don't put yourself in unnecessary danger.
Ride In Groups
Although you can ride by yourself, it is safer to ride in groups (though you should keep the distance between each other). Riding in groups is always more fun as well. If you windsurf by yourself, make sure that your friends are spotting you from the boat or the beach, just in case
Maintain Your Equipment
In case you decided to buy your gear, you should look after it. Be careful during transportation and check them for any breakdowns.


Jessica Miller

founder and CEO of Ari Chersky Windsurf School

Our team of friendly Instructors are well-trained and dedicated to providing you with a personalized program.
Our coaches have at least 7 years of experience. Passionate and responsible teaching techniques will allow you to receive the necessary knowledge and apply the right skills when riding.

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