Edgetone Records (2014)

  • Keith Kelly – Soprano, Tenor Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Flute
  • Ari Chersky – Guitar
  • Doug Stuart – Bass
  • Shaun Lowecki – Drums

1.Don’t Close You Eyes 05:19 2.Wince 06:57 3.Apologetica 05:35 4.Ain’t That Water, Lucky? 10:12 5.Sonder 04:00 6.Push Push 12:38 7.Kynnet 10:03 8.Lanyap 02:07

This record is a snap shot. A series of relationships captured in real time. It also is a looking back. Any record is a record from the past. Any moment captured is one set adrift, ready to take harbor at some future point. Any music is music referencing some other time, some other place, some other version of self. The People Who Left is a way to name all of the folks (your own self included) who came before. They are gone and will always be gone. We are always becoming, but that also means we are always leaving. Final thoughts: You must pay attention; you must not ignore what is now, or shirk away. You must not be sad, but grateful for the small gifts, and the realizations that come. Regardless of the monsters around, you must break though, and hope the little something extra, in the end, is enough.