Edgetone Records (2015)

  • Keith Kelly – Soprano, Tenor Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Flute
  • Ari Chersky – Guitar
  • Doug Stuart – Bass
  • Shaun Lowecki – Drums

1.A Reminder of Absence 04:17 2.A Ridgeline Unbroken 05:16 3.Legend City Get Down 05:02 4.Slow Money 02:46 5.The Wiggle 04:27 6.Being What Was, Only Once 04:39 7.Chunk Chunk 06:55 8.Highway Tilt 04:56 9.Candy House 03:05 10.A Stinging That 02:06 11.Before the Conclave 11:11


Keith Kelly is an improvisor, composer, and educator who currently lives in Phoenix, AZ. Originally from the SF Bay Area, he performs regularly with Running From Bears, The Scorpion Decides, and Static Announcements. Keith teaches music humanities and music performance at Paradise Valley Community College and is the Coordinator of Education for Phoenix-based jazz performance and education non-profit, The Nash.

Ask Not is a collection of improvising musicians led by Keith Kelly. Ari Chersky, Doug, Stuart, and Shaun Lowecki bring their broad music tastes and experiences together to create an expression of the moment: born of an instant, stretched and curdled, swiped across, and broken apart. Brett Reed contributes on vibes, adding another layer to the sound palette. The range of sounds on this record include: blues, jazz, indie rock, minimalism, ambient, and noise.