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Self Released (2016)

  • Danny Lubin-Laden – Trombone
  • Ari Chersky – Guitar
  • Claude Rosen – Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer
  • Garret Lang – Bass
  • Adam Starkopf – Drums
  • Ashley Nguyen – Vocals (1,3,6)

1. Mama’s Song (D. Lubin-Laden, A. Nguyen)
2. To The Underdog 1 (D. Lubin-Laden)
3. Can You See a Good Thing (D. Lubin-Laden, G. Lang)
4. Sunset & The Mockingbird (D. Ellingotn)
5. To The Underdog 2(D. Lubin-Laden)
6. Harold (D. Lubin-Laden, G. Lang, A. Nguyen))
7. Neruda (D. Lubin-Laden)

Danny Lubin-Laden : Trombone
Ari Chersky: Guitar
Claude Rosen: Piano, Organ, and Wurlitzer
Garret Lang: Bass
Adam Starkopf: Drums
Ashley Nguyen: Vocals tracks 1,3,6

Recorded at Knob World April 3rd and 4th 2016
Engineered and Mixed by Sean O’Brien
Mastered by Myles Boisen